Whitepaper: Goals Alignment - Key to Success

A Goal answers the questions - why, what, where and how an organization ideally has to be in the near and far future.    


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What Synergita Does?


Set & Track Goals

Set goals & KRAs for employees.Monitor their progress



Set the agenda and ensure performance is on track. Discuss accomplishments and performance directions.


Rewards & Recognitions

Configure award programs and redeemable reward points for your employees. Recognize their achievements at every step.


Continuous Feedback

Garner appreciation and commendation from peers, managers and co-workers. Help your employees stay motivated.


Review Performance

Rate the employee’s performance based on the competencies, performance level, feedbacks and other metrics that are just a click away.



Gain Insights on employees progress, workflow status and performance trends from the intuitive analytics reports.

 "Synergita is an Award Winning, Continuous Employee Performance, Engagement and Development Software
What Our Customers are Saying!

We would like to thank Synergita team for the ubiquitous support they have been providing to Secova. Their adherence to timely support and quick turnaround time for solutions related to queries is above perfection. Also, their prompt intimation regarding the time taken for solving development related issues is highly appreciated.



Synergita is the first PMS Booker has implemented. We are very pleased with the product and it’s features. It is very easy to use and makes performance reviews a breeze. The system is incredibly robust. Synergita’s customer service is the best we have seen. They are always available and willing to tweak the system to accommodate our needs. The experience has been a true pleasure!



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